Provisional Agreement 2023-2024


We are very interested in women who want to receive training and give back to their community while building lasting relationships with like-minded women. 

If this describes you, please complete the following information.


Provisional Member Information Form
Provisional Course Agreement

League policies or standing rules pertaining to Provisionals are stated in the following agreement.


The Junior League of Abilene, Inc. will:

  • Create and conduct a Provisional Member training course
  • Educate the Provisional member in the administrative process of the Junior League on a local and regional level
  • Educate the Provisional member about the community of Abilene
  • Provide opportunities for a variety of training experiences


The criteria for consideration of candidates for membership in the Junior League of Abilene are: an interest in volunteering, a commitment to community service, and an interest in developing your potential for community participation.

Age and residency requirements for The Junior League of Abilene are:

  1. A candidate shall be at least 21 years of age.
  2. A resident candidate must be residing in the Abilene area (within a 60-mile radius from city limit to city limit) at the time that she is proposed, elected to, and accepted into Provisional membership.
  3. A candidate shall agree to engage in community service in connection with the program of the League and must complete a specified Provisional Member Course.


The following are due with the Provisional Member Agreement by the July 1st deadline listed on the agreement.

  1. Provisional Member Course Assessment Due with this Form: $50.00 (This includes your name tag, JLA volunteer t-shirt, Carousel apron, and course materials/activities.)
  2. Annual Meeting Assessment: $49.00 (This includes meals at all GMMs with the exception of Annual Meeting Dinner.)
  3. Annual Dues: $101 (This includes $43.00 for annual AJLI dues and $58 for local JLA dues.)

Each member also is responsible for the following financial obligations:

  1. Money Raising Obligation - “MRO”: $100.00 (This is due in the fall from the purchase/sale of Christmas Carousel tickets or by securing/making a donation/sponsorship of $100 or more.)
  2. Annual Meeting: $10-$25 (This event is traditionally held in May and is not included in the Meeting Assessment fee.)
  3. Miscellaneous $50.00: (Optional: Donation drives, JLA Socials, Christmas Carousel t-shirt, Junior League of Abilene merchandise)

Payment Arrangements: Any Provisional member may coordinate payment arrangements which remain confidential. If you have concerns about meeting the financial obligations listed, please contact the Provisional Chairmen.


To become an Active member in the Junior League of Abilene, Inc., I must:

  1. Sign the JLA’s Member Code of Conduct;
  2. Receive credit for all Provisional Member Meetings as scheduled by the Provisional Chairmen;
  3. Receive credit for all General Membership Meetings as scheduled by the President (traditionally Annual Meeting Dinner and monthly meetings scheduled in September, October, November, January, February, March, and/or April).
    **Dates are subject to change as designated by the President each year;
  4. Complete community service hours by volunteering on any of the JLA community projects and/or PAVE projects;
  5. Fulfill your $100 Money Raising Obligation (MRO) by purchasing and/or selling tickets through Christmas Carousel Events, by securing a donation/sponsorship for the League/League event, or other JLA fundraising efforts;
  6. Complete service hours by assisting with the Provisional Class Service Project as determined by Provisional Chairmen each year;
  7. Complete service hours through 3-hour work shifts during our annual fundraising event, Christmas Carousel;
  8. Attend a local civic meeting such as Teen Court, the Abilene City Council, the Board of the Abilene Independent School District or the Board of the Wylie Independent School District;
  9. Participate in the League’s placement process by completing a placement survey and participating in a placement interview with your Membership Development Advisor for your first placement as an Active member;
  10. Complete additional service hours as may be necessary; and 
  11. Understand that requirements are subject to change with advance notice.


  • Satisfactory completion of the above obligations and requirements is required for acceptance to Active membership.
  • A Provisional who is current in her obligations and who anticipates her inability to complete the Provisional course may resign and be reinstated at ANY time.
  • A Provisional who accepts an invitation and then resigns at any time during the Provisional course must take the complete Provisional course after her reinstatement.
  • This invitation to Provisional Membership is revoked if I do not agree to the terms, sign this Provisional Agreement, and meet the financial dues & course fee obligations for Provisional Membership by July 1st. 


By checking this box, I acknowledge I have read the above agreement and fully understand all obligations and requirements of Provisional membership. I accept the invitation of Provisional membership in the Junior League of Abilene, Inc.

Provisional Course Fee

Your $50 Course Fee is due with submission of this form. Once submitted, it will be processed within a few days.